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Welcome! Thank you for visiting! I’m BigSmokin’Joe!


After 10 years as a Drum & Bass dude, I settled into a decade of Boom Bap! Usually, I make all my own beats, write and record all the lyrics and make all my videos.

I run my own events and organise my own Tours. No promoters can really make a penny off my name, so I thought I’d better do it all myself… And I have….

Over the years, I’ve released several Albums and managed to pull off miracles. Touring Australia, England & Europe. The Support has been unreal, look at this…

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of my journey so far….

After tasting the dream coming true, family issues and financial difficulties meant I had to stop music and go get a job…. Or two…. Or three…

For two years I kept my head down and worked…. But all I was hearing from everyone was “Keep going! Don’t Give up! We believe in you!”

Well… I believe in YOU!!

I believe that enough of you want to see me carry on…

The Mission:

I make super niche music and I don’t wanna change that!

Even if I spent millions on promoting every song, it’s just not viable.

The last thing anyone wants is to get famous…

I wanna remain your Friendly Neighbourhood BigSmokin’Joe

Keep the numbers small and the following loyal!


Your Support will make a HUGE difference!

Better equipment!

Next Level Live Shows!

Higher Quality Video Production!

And I can develop other wonderful artists, collaborate and share my time and enthusiasm.

Also… I won’t need to be all over the internet clogging up News Feeds with more Rap

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